Website Maintenance

Automatic Website Updates

WhistleTix makes sure your website is up-to-date and looking great – automatically. As you enter rides into WhistleTix, they show up on your website automatically. As time goes on, your WhistleTix-powered site keeps itself up to date, always displaying the most current information about your upcoming and archived rides. Here are some of the automatically updating pages you will get with WhistleTix:

Featured Rides Page

You decide which rides deserve special attention; these are automatically displayed on the Featured Rides Page, and automatically roll off when the ride departs.

Event Details Pages

Each ride you enter into the system gets its own Event Details page where you can display any information you wish, including pictures and hyperlinks. Use this page to show upcoming special events, daily routes, and attractions.

Buy Tickets Pages

Each event also gets its own Buy Tickets page, where customers choose the number and type of tickets they wish to purchase. For reserved seating events, you decide if customers can choose their own seats, or whether to automatically assign the “best available seats.” When the order is complete, the customer is automatically transferred to the Order Confirmation page, and a confirmation email is sent.

You’ll also get Customer Account Pages, Search Events Pages, a Calendar Page, and more. Stop spending all your time manually updating your site. Let WhistleTix do it for you.