Sell Tickets Online

Online Ticket Sales

The coolest feature of WhistleTix is the ability to sell tickets online. It’s like having a 24/7 employee, always willing and able to help your customers get tickets. Each event you enter into the system gets its own “Buy Tickets” and “Order Confirmation” page. The online ordering process is very easy.

Every ticket gets its own secure, unique barcode, to ensure that no fakes or copies get through.

When you partner with WhistleTix you also gain access to an extensive administrative website where you can manage your events and sell tickets over the phone and in-person. Our “Place Order” page includes all the features found in expensive, high-end point-of-sale systems. But there’s no special hardware to buy and no software to install. Just browse to the WhistleTix site, login with your username and password, and your ticket window is open for business. Inside your virtual ticket window, you can…

  • Place phone, walkup, comp, and guest list orders.
  • Redeem tickets with a barcode scanner or a single mouse click.
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of how many passengers have purcahsed tickets and plan your consist accordingly.
  • View and edit the details and ticket prices of any ride.
  • Create and send full-color emails promoting your events with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Configure which delivery methods you want to allow, and how much to charge for each (mail, will call, and YES, even print at home!).
  • Configure which of your staff can access your virtual ticket window and what they are allowed to do.

And MUCH more. There are simply too many features of the box office to list here. Contact us for a demo and learn more.