Marketing Tools

Marketing and Promotion Tools

We don’t just want you to sell tickets with us; we want you to sell more tickets, period. That’s why we’ve built tools like Facebook Fan Page Ticketing and the WhistleTix Newsletter Engine and made them free as part of any WhistleTix account. Facebook and email marketing provide great alternatives – or supplement – to expensive traditional advertising.

Fan Page Ticketing – Exclusively with WhistleTix

Facebook is a very popular website with hundreds of millions of registered users. Our Fan Page Ticketing Application (included with every WhistleTix account) can turn your Facebook Fan Page into a sales channel. You’ll get a “Buy Tickets” link directly on your Facebook Page, and your Facebook fans can browse events (automatically updated by WhistleTix) and buy tickets – directly on your Fan Page. They never have to leave Facebook!

WhistleTix Newsletter Engine

Our ready-made newsletter templates let you…

  • Send out the details of an upcoming ride just by selecting the event from a list
  • Send out your calendar of events just by selecting a month
  • Send out an email spotlighting your most important upcoming rides
  • Add color, text formatting, and even pictures to grab the reader’s attention

Choose your Audience

Our Fan Finder makes it easy to send your newsletter to…

  • Your entire mailing list
  • Only those customers who attended a certain previous event
  • Only those customers who meet certain criteria that you specify, such as “anyone who bought 10 or more tickets in the past year…”
  • Only those customers that live in certain zip codes

Send it Again, Sam

Our Newsletter Archive keeps track of every newsletter you send and who you sent it to. So it’s easy to send out another copy the day before the event (for instance) to maximize attendance.